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120x120mm arrow lights

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  • Brand:    HLVLED
  • Type:    HL-A44R44G
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1.外接DC5V;(External DC5V.)

2.灯珠数量:44颗红色,44颗翠绿色,适用于户外;(Amount;44 red.44 green.suitable for outdoor.)
3.产品尺寸:120*120mm;定位孔尺寸105mm;(Product size: 120x120mm; location hole size 105mm.)

4.二种显示状态:GND和R信号线闭合亮“X”;GND和G信号线闭合亮“↑”;(Two display status: GND and R signal line closed bright "X"; GND and G signal line closed light up.)

5.适用于通道指示。(Suitable for channel indication.)

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